Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ready to go -- No keys in my pocket

I have no keys in my pocket. Not one.

I have always had keys in my pocket: my childhood bike lock key and house key when I was in old enough to be trusted, a dorm room key and a gym basket key in college, followed by the car keys, house keys, and safe deposit box keys of adulthood. Today I have no keys in my pocket.

Each chapter of this preparation phase has been marked by letting go of one key after another.

I left my office key in the drawer and locked the door behind me late at night after I finally finished the handoff document to my faceless replacement (they're hiring sometime soon, I hear).

I left the key to "the marital home" on his brand new kitchen table, after removing the last remnants of my half of our twenty years together.

I slipped my condo key through the mailslot at the realtors, for the renters to settle in next month before grad school starts in the fall.

I put my car key on my mom's keyring. There's space in her Texas carport for two cars. She'll keep it in the shade for me, taking it out for a run into town from time to time.

I've placed each key where it belongs now. It's just me and my suitcases. My pockets are empty.


  1. What a feeling of freedom...! I'll be following your adventure.

    Warm regards,
    your downstairs neighbor, who has more keys than she wishes!

  2. You are making this sound really heavenly, except there are even keys in heaven. Hum.

  3. I'm so glad you've started this, what a fun way to keep up with your adventures!

    Love you and "cain't" wait to see you next summer.

  4. Love this many keys in our life but now you will get a new one to open a new door to you. I look forward to reading more about your travels. Stay well dear "Amazon Woman"!

  5. was there a key on the charm bracelet you gave me from your childhood? i'll have to go check... that would be one more on your list. love you